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It Starts With Progressive Web Apps

DreamzTech Platform delivers the latest mobile technology adapted specifically for retail & restaurants to keep customers engaged from discovery to checkout. Google-backed Progressive Web App (PWA) technology is the core of our Platform. It brings the high-converting features of an app to your larger audience on the mobile web, delivering significant improvements in mobile revenue.

Mobile Moves Fast & So Do Your Customers

Mobile traffic has finally exceeded desktop. Converting these customers is not just a huge revenue opportunity — it’s vital to your survival as a business. However, today’s customers have high expectations of mobile experiences — set by tech giants like Amazon — and are quick to drop brands that don’t deliver.

It’s Time To Adapt, Before It’s Too Late

The good news is, brands that were quick to embrace mobile innovation will see mobile revenue exceed desktop in 2017. Achieving this isn’t impossible – it’s just difficult. DreamzTech helps brands get there by quickly deploying the fast, rich mobile experiences customers expect, while future-proofing for whatever technology comes next.

PWA Solution : Works For Every Business

PWA Industries

Instant Content Update

Update content in real-time and offer information on deals, fresh arrivals,end-of-stock sale, and more instantly.

Instant Buy Checkout

Integrating 2-Clicks Apple Pay and Google Wallet checkout we help retailers to give instant buy option to customers.

Proximity Marketing

With Beacon Support, the PWA solution helps retailers to provide better in-store experience with personalized notifications.

Enhanced Customer Re-engagement

Using Push Notification & Messaging option, we help retailers to provide customers better re-engagement options.

Easy to Share

The PWA app URL can be distributed easily through Facebook,Twitter, Whatsapp, NFC, QR Code etc which helps to increase the online presence.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party Platform

An online retailer having a magento, wordpress or shopify website can sync the products within the PWA easily.

Online À la carte

We help restaurants to offer online À la carte to their customers. With huge online catalog (Dishes with price and image) restaurant can attract new customers.


With 3rd party integration, Our solution allows users to skip the wait and reserve their dine table for their preferred restaurant.

Online Ordering

3rd party seamless integration with other online ordering applications, the PWA solution allows restaurants to capture new revenue and expand your services.

Real-time Redeemable Offers

The Progressive Web App Solution helps restaurants to send push notifications to customers inside the restaurant with redeemable offers like extended Happy Hour and $5 off their $65 purchase.

Yelp and Reviews

With 3rd party review integrations with Yelp ,The PWA app solution helps restaurants to showcase their reviews to new customers and know them better.

Social Media Marketing

The restaurants businesses can easily promote their PWA app by just broadcasting a URL on Facebook, in an Online Ad, QR code or text message.

Property Listings Gallery

The PWA solution helps real estate agencies to create a look-book of their property listings and allows potential home buyers to view high quality photos of available homes.

Expanded Property Listings

We help to create profiles for each of property listings. Include pricing, details about basic features, and upgrades.

Real-time Instant Updates

Our solution can send notifications to the buyers about new listings, price changes, and more.

Instant Messaging

With PWA Solution, it helps users to message agents instantly from the instant app. Less barriers between agents and buyers opens up new opportunities for communication.

3D Virtual Tours

The PWA solution can embed 3D virtual tours directly into real estate's property listings. Using augmented reality technology, the PWA app solution can create an immerse home buying experience for users.

Social Media Marketing

Real Estate businesses can promote their instant app with a simple url through Facebook, Online Ad, QR code or text message.

Digital Check In

Using PWA app, attendees can digitally check-in for the event using their email address and registration code. It allows attendees to maximize their time when they skip long registration lines.


With PWA solution, event organizers can update their event app in real-time with announcements, presentation time changes, and more.

Event Directions

Our PWA enables GPS so users can easily navigate from their location to an event. The app helps to notify attendees of parking accommodations, valet, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Event organizers can easily distribute their app on Facebook, in an online ad, QR code, or text message with a simple url.

Push Notifications

The event organizers can send push notifications to attendees with presentation start times, location changes, and other important event details with the help of PWA solution.

Augmented Reality

Event companies can create an immersible experience for attendees using augmented reality technology. Interactive presentations makes event stand out and ensures the return of attendees next year.

Showroom Gallery

Car Dealers can create amazing online showroom uploading high quality images of the vehicles with mileage details, pricing, and test drive registration forms to capture customer details.

3D virtual Tours

We help car dealers to bring more customers onto your lot when they can virtually test drive vehicles using augmented reality.

Proximity Marketing

With Beacon Support, the PWA solution helps retailers to provide better in-store experience with personalized notifications.

Push Notifications

Using PWA , car dealers send push notifications to potential buyers and existing customers about upcoming sales events, price drops, and new inventory.

Social Media Marketing

The PWA app URL can be distributed easily through Facebook,Twitter, Whatsapp, NFC, QR Code etc which helps car dealers to increase the online presence.

Instant Messaging

The PWA solution can make car buying easier and eliminate barriers between customers and car dealers. Users can message instantly sales people to get more information on cars and view online gallery which leads to more appointments and test drives.

Attorney Resources

Law agencies can display profiles for every legal professional to showcase their expertise, experience, and availability.

Consultation Scheduling

With 3rd party integration with Appointy, the PWA solution empowers users to request consultations via the progressive web app.

Instant Messaging

The PWA solution helps law agencies to eliminate barriers between new clients and their practice by allowing users the capability to instant message attorneys.

Content Management

The PWA solution helps law agencies to access and manage their content from anywhere using the cloud.

Social Media Marketing

The law agencies can share their PWA app URL with their clients easily on Facebook, in an online ad, QR code, or text message.


Users can submit reviews about attorneys and provide valuable feedback about the app which can helps law agencies to streamline their service.

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