Internet of Things

There are more than 12 billion connected devices in the world—more smart "things" than people. Being smart and innovative , Dreamztech is adopting IoT strategy and technology and helping clients to rethink their products and services and redefine their relationships with customers, employees and partners.
The services we offer :

  • We define the problem statement along with recommendation on solution blueprint , business process modelling and process consulting
  • Re-engineering and optimization with repeating refinement and customer-driven design
  • Design Flow Implementation & Feature Enhancement with Big data support & Business Intelligence
  • Integrating multiple IoT assets with different functionalities , departments and stages in product lifecycle (CRM / ERP Solutions)

We are an integrated IoT Solution Provider

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Internet of Things : A New Digital Horizon

Knowing that IoT is the next future of digital engagement, Dreamztech offers clients specialized expertise with a single view of how to build and operate an end-to-end IoT system with the revolutionary technology to create entirely new business models and revenue streams, while reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

IoT App Development

Dreamztech creates custom web and mobile apps that harness the potential of connected devices to improve lifestyles and allow enterprises to use next‑generation Internet of Things products.

Backend Engineering

Our backend solutions let apps to monitor and communicate with devices through industry‑standard and custom protocols. These solutions allow apps to enjoy end‑to‑end encryption through all points of connection.

Extension into IoT

We cover existing consumer and enterprise solutions into IoT. By doing so, we turn connected distributed devices and gadgets into valued possessions and assets that initiate customer engagement, monitor, and manage critical data.

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Add smart devices into the IT landscape of your business to take advantage of the Internet of Things. We create connected systems that gather, accumulate and investigate data that originates from smart devices on the edge of your network, backend systems and cloud services, to initiate a new degree of business intelligence.


We employ active and passive transponder‑enabled tags to distribute custom solutions that empower companies to collect, accumulate and spread digital information in multiple frequencies for global supply chain support and management. Our apps span product tracking, area access control, and environment management.


We leverage the power of beacons to deliver custom solutions that benefit enterprises in creating context based on location and proximity. Our beacon‑enabled applications and systems reorganize business processes by monitoring, sustaining, detecting and handling assets, tracking inventory in real‑time, and providing value‑added services upon need.


Incorporation of sensors into business environments is becoming commonplace. Stay on the edge by putting valued sensor‑driven data into the hands of manufacturing supervisors, environmental engineers, IT managers and other decision makers to upsurge efficiencies and decrease operational costs.



Dreamztech delivers web and mobile applications for high‑end wearable consumer devices loaded with sensors to support your customers measure their surroundings.

Healthcare Devices

Enable healthcare services with our custom IoT solutions that complement patient treatment through location monitoring, remote tracking and communication abilities.

Connected Cars

We create full‑featured, flexible embedded intelligent connected navigation and car platforms solutions for in‑and beyond the car to add automation into next‑generation vehicles.

Smart Homes

Our engineers enhance smart home adoption through custom multitenant platforms loaded with sensory recognition as well as language, speech, and computer vision.


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Consumer Engagement

Dreamztech assists businesses to discover and create connected products and services to better acquire, assist, and sustain customers. Contributing more engagement and benefit to the customer, our custom IoT solutions increase brand awareness and deliver new opportunities to create cognitive, emotional and social metrics and a customer‑ centered approach.

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Financial Transactions

We permit payments on connected devices, thus, efficiently growing the figure of payment endpoints. Dreamztech assimilates near field communication (NFC) and embedded secure element (eSE) solutions to carry out secure payment processing systems that use connectivity to suitably process credit and debit transactions everywhere across the globe.


Generate actionable business intelligence and get meaningful insights by examining data produced by devices linked to an IoT platform. Our team designs custom systems and cloud infrastructures that pull and study real‑time and contextual information created from IoT sensors and gadgets and allow decision makers to run batch operations on collected data at planned time periods and make forecasts based on statistical and machine learning methods.


Connected Retail Experiences

Improve your sales with IoT devices and linked objects that deliver a breadth of ground-breaking use cases. Dreamztech creates ecosystems that link physical and digital sales, letting bidirectional, real‑time communication with your consumers both inside and outside the store, distributing personalized content, and improving user experiences through context‑based interaction and NFC‑enabled payments.

Shared Commerce Solutions

Take your brick‑and‑mortar processes online to raise your business exponentially. Our collective commerce solutions eliminate monotonous and complex errands of combining data between offline and online sales, and connect the gap by orchestrating and restructuring financial and product information across all sales channels, whilst providing you with fast and easy admittance to real‑time customer insights.

  • Digital signage
  • Kiosks
  • Vending
  • POSs
  • Retail mobility


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Dreamztech employs third‑party microcontroller‑based boards, System on Chip (SOC) boards, Single‑board Computers (SBC) and purpose‑built boards with Wi‑Fi, cellular and Ethernet interfaces to rapidly create IoT prototypes with a cloud‑based backend as a protected gateway to interact with the device through a modern API and further create intelligent web services around it.

Sports Management System


We use third‑party pre‑configured platforms to hasten IoT projects. By means of open and flexible solutions, we join a broad range of current devices and gadgets or prototypes through these platforms and integrate them with your prevailing business systems to support you make the unsurpassed use of the data and processes you already have, whilst keeping the TCO at bay.



Dreamztech staff has been really professional. Their technical ability is excellent. The work is outstanding. Without their help, I do not know what we would have done. Thank you Dreamztech and the crew!

Rod Ghani

Houston Wire & Cable Company

We have been working with Dreamztech for 2 years now. I can say that Dreamztech has been delivering the best quality job every time. We are so happy with their 24x7 support.

Gilberto Velasquez

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Dreamztech has been doing fantastic job for us. Dreamztech willing to go the extra mile always. They have a team of fully equipped, super-trained programmers & computer scientists & project managers.

Chris Robertson


We have been working with Dreamztech for 5 years now. They have really helped us by developing a smarter and user friendly solution. They are really efficient to rebuild an application & boost its branding.

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