Enterprise Asset Management System

Enterprise Asset Management : DreamzTech Enterprise Asset Management solution gives you a holistic view of the entire life cycle of an organization's physical assets, track and trace asset’s journey securely using blockchain, allow you to predictively control your asset landscape through AI and analytics, reduce maintenance costs and save thousands of dollars for your business.

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CMMS : Experience the Improved Efficiency with Security of Blockchain and Power of Automation.

Asset lifecycle Management with Blockchain and IoT

Our EAM collects real-time data from IoT devices and use diagnostic and analysis tools to optimize the availability, reliability and usable life of your assets. By leveraging IoT and blockchain technologies, Our Enterprise Asset Management Solution helps you to bring transparency, speed, and precision in your asset lifecycle journey —and help decrease time, cost, and risk in your business operations.

With RFID / QR Code / IoT Sensors, Our asset management solution gives accurate and real-time update of all assets locations and environmental status

Enabling GS1 standards, our EAM solution not only help to identify individual pieces of equipment of your organization, but also tracks and traces them across different sites to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.

You can enable blockchain in your EAM to ensure end-to-end traceability and reliability across your asset lifecycle and cut down transaction costs.

Work order management

Diagnose a problem, and quickly assign specific technicians to the job. Schedule and organize work orders for employees and contractors, and keep track of upcoming work.

Secure data with blockchain and avoid counterfeiting, frauds

Get powerful data insights and take impeccable business decisions

Organize assets effortlessly

MRO materials management

Control costs with full oversight into inventory procurement and management. Understand the demand for materials at your facility and manage parts accordingly.

It allows your employees to get daily task lists with simplified work order management

Work anywhere, in any device with offline mode

Drive your productivity with user-focused features

Labor management

Manage assessment, training, and certification for employees and contractors responsible for asset management in your organization.

Fits any budget, available as mobile app

Cutomizable, We tailor it as per your

Secure and trusted through blockchain

Service contract management

Control compliance and spending at every step of the contract lifecycle. Create and manage contracts and service agreements with customers, vendors, partners, and employees.

Fits any budget, available as mobile app

Cutomizable, We tailor it as per your

Secure and trusted through blockchain

Financial management

Gather data on work order costs, and integrate with finance software to manage accounting and project spending.

Fits any budget, available as mobile app

Cutomizable, We tailor it as per your

Secure and trusted through blockchain

Reporting and analytics

Analyze asset performance to spot issues before they become bigger problems. Collect key performance indicators for your entire facility to make better business decisions.

Fits any budget, available as mobile app

Cutomizable, We tailor it as per your

Secure and trusted through blockchain

Industrial Maintenance Management Solutions

DreamzTech CMMS is a perfect fit for any industry. Here are some industries below to learn more about how the CMMS can make an impact.

Equipment Maintenance Management

Equipment breakdowns in manufacturing cost time, work hours, and resources. Our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help with preventive report and avoid unnecessary losses.

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Fleet Maintenance Management

In fleet maintenanace services, Our CMMS helps in vehicle and its equipments maintenance, regular servicing, inspections, maintenance log management, preventive maintenance notifications.

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Public Utilities Maintenance

Whether you’re running the maintenance department for a small town or a huge city, our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can make your maintenance faster, easier with improved efficiency.

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Mining Maintenance Management

DreamzTech CMMS helps mining operations gather real-time, actionable data to build an effective and sustainable preventive maintenance program.

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Food Processing Maintenance

Integrating with condition based monitoring application,our CMMS helps you keep track and maintain machines, production lines, and facilities.

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University Facility Maintenance

Our maintenace management solution handles all the facilities of higher educational institutions with organization, accountability and reliability.

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Hospital/ Healthcare Maintenance

Our CMMS can help healthcare organization to managae patient and medical data securely and keep records of medical equiments and other details.

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Wastewater Plant Maintenance

DreamzTech computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) helps wastewater plants control water quality and meet regulatory and governmental wastewater maintenance standards across all stages of treatment.

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Farm Equipment Maintenance

Our manitenance management solution helps farmers to save money on overhead and avoid equipment breakdown during busy seasons.

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Simply Asset Management

Increase Staff Productivity

Boost Operational Efficiency

Reduce Repair And Maintenance Costs

Enable Data Driven Insights

Mobilize Workforce Management

Secure data using Blockchain

Increase Overall Portfolio Revenues

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