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Blockchain is the next big revolution of digital transformation. With the power of the decentralized network, blockchain is creating the new definition of Digital Trust. Leveraging the benefits of blockchain technologies, DreamzTech is creating supply chain solution, digital healthcare wallet, collateral and KYC solutions and bringing enhanced operational efficiencies to businesses.

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Progressive Web App is the future of Web. The lightweight, no-download, app gesture look-n-feel, push notifications make PWA the obvious choice of mobile app. From E-commerce app to portal development, we give our clients the next-gen mobile experience with Progressive Web App, which combines the very best qualities of web and mobile apps mitigating all their disadvantages.

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Internet Of Things (IoT) is the Digital Revolution that has streamlined the concept of interconnecting people, gadgets, and system with each other through a single network. In DreamzTech, we offer smart IoT solutions that control M2M, Machine to Human interactions and create real-time data visibility and traceability and bring enhanced efficiency in the system.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a fascinating concept of science fiction for decades and this century is witnessing it's to get in reality. Beside the face recognition & chatbot solutions, we have integrated AI in various Blockchain and IoT applications which generate meaningful data insights and help businesses increasing operational efficiency, making faster and smarter decisions.

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Client success

Newspaper Archive

  • Dreamztech Solutions provided an archive website containing 2.04+ billion articles, 400 years+ old papers and a time saving search features which helps users to find out their results in seconds.
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Blue Jay

  • Dreamztech Solutions provided an ecommerce website (based on magento) which allows user to buy / quote for custom designed tshirt / clothes /mug.
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Reliance High Tech

  • Dreamztech built the DMCantor.com CMS website & its related micro websites and our team provides continuous support to maintain all data & updates.
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Unique Sports


  • Dreamztech built a drupal based ecommerce platform where user can get wide variety of high-quality sporting goods & products to buy.
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School Math247

  • Dreamztech provided the ecommerce solution along with the mobile app which helps users to sell/buy their products in easy & fast way.
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Liqui moly

  • Dreamztech Solutions worked with Dartmouth University to build the text matching tool based on their algorithm in .NET platform.
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Lets Go There

Reader's Digest

  • Dreamztech Solutions currently working in a social travel website (in Laravel & AngularJS platform) where user can invite friends, family and colleagues to collaborate, explore destinations and ultimately book for next adventure.
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Sen assist

  • Dreamztech served Bidology team a local service marketplace where both customers (can bid for a project) & service providers (can accept & start working) can meet and work together.
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Our Clients

Few of the great companies we have worked with.

Our Clients


DreamzTech Testimonial By Close Brothers UK

Close Brothers Brewery Rentals

DreamzTech impressed me the most due to their ability to engage with my agile process but also within my quality timeframe and budgetary requirements what was particularly compelling. Now, they are working with me on various different projects for a technology platform that manages 2 million beer barrels in the UK.
Riaz Pisani from Snowstorm

SnowStorm Technologies Inc.

We've been dealing with DreamzTech for the last two and half years there are an amazing group of individuals I can't say enough about them they've taken what I conceptualized three years ago and have delivered a world-class platform that is now commercially viable and starting to generate income and being adopted my major travel companies around the world.
DreamzTech Testimonial from Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus

I want to thank DreamzTech for hard work for just the intelligence enthusiasm that your developers bring to us and it's really being an extension of our own team having DreamzTech working with us .They really offer broad range of technologies that they support and demonstrated it to me through trial projects that's something is very unique in them I don't expect and so I was very pleasantly surprised.
DreamzTech Testimonial from Bluejay Mobile Health

Bluejay Mobile Health

I really want to appreciate and give a round applause to DreamzTech who have been helping us for the past four years. With DreamzTech our team have developed a cutting-edge technology called BlueJay engage it combines mobile technology AI technology. The DreamzTech team is very hardworking very reliable and very talented and we hope to work with them in the long term years to go.